UTMB 2012 Gear List

UTMB… Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc… The dream that i have been living since 2009 November is becoming real. i will be running the UTMB 168km 9.600m + which is the toughest non-stop, one stage 100 mile race in the world. (Actually it is 101 miles :-))

I ran UTMB TDS and CCC before. This is the big brother of them circumnavigating the Mt Blanc massive. This year is the 10th year and hope everything will go well and me + my friends who is running will be able to finish in full health.

The gear list that i am providing below is an example gear list that has been generated after a three year experience. This time i am light. Lighter than any other time i am running. No Cameras, GoPros, No additional Armsleeves, accessories 🙂

My aim is to be lighter like around 3.5 Kg in total gear.

Pure mandatory equipment with lighest as possible that i could borrowed and bought. Thanks to Castleberg Outdoors that they have equipped me with a great  goretex Haglofs Endo Pull II jacket + Hoka Stinson shoe and helped me to buy a brand new Salomon XT Wings S-Lab 5 .

You can click their UTMB page to find out and buy the gear that you need.

Please comment for any ideas, tips, useful knowledge if you have an experience about UTMB gear and race experiences about the gear below the page. I hope you will find the list useful.

in addition to the below list you can find a lot more detailed information about UTMB TDS and CCC can be found here. FAQ, Race reports in English and Turkish, Video Documentary and many more.

And wish me good luck…


Malzeme (Equipment that will be carried) Ağırlık  – Weight (gram)
Raidlight Olmo 5 + 2 750ml Bottles 290
Raidlight Endurance Belt Pouch 2 units 60
Plastik Bardak (Personal Beaker) 20
Su (Water Rezerve 1.2 Liters) 1200
Acil Durum Battaniyesi (Survival Blanket) 30
Kimlik Fotokopi + Para (ID+ Money) 15
1 Yedek Çorap (1 Spare Sock) 20
1 Paket Selpak (1 Paper Tissue) 10
Gerekli İlaçlar, Medicines, AntiChaft Cream etc. 50
2 x Buff 50
Montane Slipstream GL Windproof 65
Yağmurluk (Hagloffs Endo Pullover UltraLite Goretex Jacket ) 285
Minimum 80cm x 3 cm Elastik bandaj (Bandage) 40
Second Layer Long Sleeve 115
Northface Rainpants 200
Warm Beanie (Terra Nova) 20
Water Proof Gloves (Inner Liner+ Terra Nova) 60
SunGlasses-clip on 20
Beslenme – Nutrition (Up to Courmayour CP) Ağırlık  – Weight (gram)
7 GU Jel (Enerji Jeli) 210
2 Booster Gel Overstims 50
2 Salty Gel Overtims 50
2 Perpetium Toz İçecek ( Sise disinda) 150
1 Pack Cliff Blocks Candy (Enerji Şekeri) 50
25 SaltSticks (Elektrolit Hapı) 25
2 Nuuns (Elektrolit Hapı) 5
6 Myo Cramp – Overstimes Lactic Acit remove gel 150

Elektronik Malzeme – Electronics
Ağırlık  – Weight (gram)
Petzl NAO  (Main Headlamp) 175
6 AAA  Battery  (For Garmin 401 and Petzl) 20
Petzl E-Lite Yedek Kafa Feneri (Spare Torch) 30
Cep Telefonu (Mobile Phone) 50
1  Malzeme ve Çöp Çantası   (Small Packs) 20


Giyilecek Malzeme (Clothing)
Ağırlık  – Weight (gram)
Salomon Exo Shorts
Salomon Exo T-Shirt
Salomon Exo Calfs IV
Salomon XT Wings S-Lab 5 (Shoe) + Hoka Stinson Evo
Salomon XA Visor (Hat)
Sentetik Çorap (Socks)
Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS
LEKI Yürüyüş Batonları (Walking Sticks)

All detailed information about UTMB TDS and CCC can be found here. FAQ, Race reports in English and Turkish, Video Documentary and many more.


Video showing sample UTMB Kit for Raidlight Olmo 5 Pack


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