Salomon Exo Calf IV

I am using Salomon Exo Calf II for 4 years. I raced them in even my first marathon, in adventure races, in mountain marathons in UTMB CCC, UTMB TDS, Northampton Ultra and during my trail runs and gear tests.

When i begin running during 2004 with adventure races i had a lot of cramps in my calf and back side of quads. This was due to i was not trained well, lack of magnesium and salt and not drinking enough water. Then i started training well this started happening less and less. However when i was increasing my distances like marathon, ultra marathon and mountain marathons; i started discovering and researching about the benefits of compression technology.

Compression Socks

I had some researched and found an article on WiseGEEK stating about compression socks:

Compression socks are specialized hosiery items designed to provide extra support and increase blood circulation.  Some compression sock manufacturers may also use the term support socks to describe their product.  Compression socks are not to be confused with traditional dress socks or non-compression diabetic socks, although they may look similar.  The main purpose of compression socks is to provide graduated pressure on the lower leg and foot.  Traditional dress and athletic socks offer some degree of compression, but not enough to be considered therapeutic.

The key to understanding compression socks lies in their graduated pressure application.  Throughout an average day, the body pumps blood to all of the extremities as equally as it can. At the very least, all of this blood pooling can cause fatigue and leg cramps. Elevating the legs and feet may alleviate the pain temporarily, but it often returns after a few hours of constant standing or walking.

Salomon Exo Technology

I met with the Salomon Exo Calves ( the red ones above picture) by a courtesy product samples sent by Salomon HQ to Salomon Turkey when i was living there. I used them for year. It protected my calves from cramping due to its compression technology and honeycomb design which enables blood flow properly to my muscles.

After a while when you use them frequently and of course wash them, they started get loose as all of other fabrics. This took a quite while so in terms of return on investment spending around 40-60 USD coast for these socks will benefit you at least one year of proper usage of this product. I normally do not use them in shorter runs like 5-15km, but rather longer runs over 20kms in trails especially if the trail has some realy ascent. You click on the below picture to visit Salomon Exo Technologies.


Salomon team also created a series of Videos that show the benefits of EXO Sensifit technology where they use in shorts, calf socks, shirts and tanks. You can see these videos below.

Then as i saw the white collection when Killian Jornet is wearing it during UTMB and Western states, i was waiting to get one pair. Thanks to Castleberg Outdoors, they secured one for me and i got them 2 weeks ago.

I also wrote 2 years ago a review about EXO technologies where you can find them here.

The red striped white and grey Salomon Exo Calf edition number IV has definately better fabric quality and elasticisity. The old version of Exo Calf II was very tought to wear and remove it. there are long and regular versions of Exo calfs which means if you are taller than 180cm or 6ft, you should go for the longer one. I like bright red colors. But i expect to see Exo Calfs especially in Yellow, Red na dmay be Minim Series Packlite Jacket matching Blue 🙂

Salomon Verdict :Run easier, longer & recover better. EXO technology calf supports that improve performance and recovery by supporting muscles and increasing blood flow.

Specs for Salomon EXO IV Calf

Feature: Skin Fit
Fabrics: actiLITE™ L jersey – ClimaUV™ 50+ – LYCRA®SPORT

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You can buy Salomon Exo Products from CastlebergOutdoors. Click here to see their range.


Raidlight Olmo 5

Marco Olmo designed the Ultralight OLMO 20 for the multi stage Marathon des Sables and the Ultralight OLMO 5 for events like the UTMB. Thanks to Racekit and it`s owner Andy Heading for getting me this wonderfull pack to test and abuse in London Ultra and Paris Eco Trail.

Marco Olmo

Marco Olmo is my legend. He is one of the most inspirational people that i have watched, read and researched when i started UTMB and dreaming Marathon des Sables. He started running after 27 and became vegetarian after 37. He has an incredible summary of achievements Ultra Running and Mountain marathons such as either winning and completing in top 10 in Marathon des Sables, Libyan Challenge, Gran the Cro-Magnon Raid, Desert Cup Jordan, Via Marenca, Winter Eco Trail, Oman Raid, Trans Grancanaria, Transvulcania, Racing the Planet Namibia and Runiceland.

In 58 years has become world champion by winning the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, the most important endurance race and lasts in the world: 167 km through France, Italy and Switzerland over 21 hours of travel uninterrupted around the highest massif of Europe. Then he won the race when he was 59 as well 🙂

The Pack

First i would like to show you the brief video review that i tried to show the pack and it`s features. You can continue the review afterwards with numerous detailed pictures.

OLMO 5 comes with two 750ml bottles that are located on the shoulders. This enables you to drink fluid when you are on the go like the bladders. However bottles have more advantage in terms of filling them quickly in the check points without taking everything to fill your bladder.

The negative bits when using the bottles is the sound of water bouncing could sometimes make your concentration leak 🙂 Else another issue could be the hoses of the bottles might touch your cheeks when you are running. To avoid this i used the elastic cords near the bottle holders to bend the hoses on right and left side of the bottles.

The bottle holders have mesh pockets in both plus 6 thin sleeves for French Energy gels. 4 of these can take Overstims or Myocramp type gels, the other 2 can take long Cliff Blocks if you squueze them well.

Raidlight olso provides a small pouch that sits in between the clip and straps that thightens the bottles and eliminates shaking and bouncing. This small pouch also shown in the below picture can accomodate 4 gels easily.

There is also a whistle embedded in the clip that is in between the straps of the front bottles. Whistle is one of the obligatory materials in races like UTMB, Eco Trail etc.

The bottle holders also have draw cords at top and bottom. This enables you to use them as gel and equipment pouches when you use small flasks or bladder in some short races where there are not more check points.

I used the pack with two Salomon Soft Flasks in London Ultra as shown below.

On the back side of the pack there are three compartments. Main compartment has almost 5 liter capacity.

The upper part has velcro closing and you can put your gloves or rain jacket to reach quickly. Also there is a very small zipped compartment which can be used for phone, keys and storing some money.

There are also narrow mesh pockets along each side. You can put additional gels or the folding Trail Poles like the ones i got, Sinano. Also there are two elastic cords with loops on left upper and right lower part of the pack where you can secure them at an angle across the pack.

Let`s look at this video where i tried to show the mandatory equipment that i will use in Paris Eco Trail and UTMB sitting inside this small but convenient pack.

What i liked

  • I liked the way pack sits on your upper body. It helps your back more comfortable rather than normal packs. You do not have so much sweat on your back.
  • The shoulder straps are comfortable.
  • The pack has numerous gel pockets. This is so good if you are running in an ultra and in need of 4-5 gels in 2-3 hours you do not need to take your pack off to take them.
  • Pole holders are really bright idea.
  • Value for Money ? Definately! With two bottles and 290grams of weight this pack is really good for value. You can order it from

What can be improved

  • It is really hard to get use to the bottles and their hoses when running. The most important move is to tie the hoses on the elastic cords. If you get used to it, it is so easy to sip water during your runs.
  • This pack is definately not for large people. I am not a lean/thin person or large as well. But i believe this pack would people perfectly if they do not have a large chest.
  • The Velco closing is so small in the back top compartment. If you fill the pack too much, it opens while you are running, this can be improved with alonger velcro.
  • I did not test the pack under a heavy rain. So i am wondering to test it as well. During the UTMB or Eco Trail, it is essential that your goods should be kept dry.
  • I modified and added a elastic net on the back part of the pack (under the large velcro pocket) This will help me to carry my Rain proof jacket outside to gain some storage.


  • Also i will be changing the waist band  (sew an additional larger one on top of it)  with a larger one to carry some additional pouches for gels and food for UTMB. (Shown in below picture; taken from: )

I would like to again thank to for sponsoring me with this pack.


RaceKit is owned and run by Amanda & Andy Heading and based on the edge of the Peak District in Matlock, Derbyshire.  Although they are essentially an online shop, visitors are welcome just if you let them know beforehand and they`ll get some cakes in!  You can contact them on 01629-760070 or just leave a message if they don’t answer, and they’ll call you back.

RaceKit is to be one of the main sponsors of the UK Ultra-Running Championships, a series of 12 ultra-races around the country ranging from 33 to 60 miles. Co-organised by arguably the UK’s best endurance runner, Mark Hartell, the Champs welcomes runners of all abilities who want to  “go long’. Races are split into three categories – short (up to 35 miles!), medium (up to 45 miles), and long (over 45m) – and competitors’ best four results count towards the Champs, with at least one race in each category needed to qualify. More information can be found here.

Specifications of Raidligh Olmo 5

  • This 5-litre Olmo Ultralight pack has three mesh pockets, one zipped pocket and two front-strap bottle carriers with mesh gel holders (see photo below).  Two 750ml bottles with push/pull drinks valves are included.
  • Marco Olmo designed the Ultralight OLMO 20 for the multi stage Marathon des Sables and the Ultralight OLMO 5 for events like the UTMB.
  • Very light and still robust (1 year guarantee on seams and zippers
    • Better balance through two bottle holders in the front (2x 750 ml Raid Bottles included
    • Both bottle holders have small outer pockets for gels, bars and other small items
    • Drinking bladder compartement inside – for bladders up to 2.5 liters (tube exits left and right)
    • Mesh pocket with velcro closure in the back
    • 2 small mesh pockets on the sides
    • Small zippered pocket in lid
    • Ergonomic shoulder straps for perfect comfort
    • Whistle integrated in sternum strap
    • Loops for attachement of trekking poles (diagonally from upper left to lower right)
    • Reflective detail in back
  • Weight 290g/10.2oz.
  • Also available as a 20-litre pack. and in Ladies Colors (Shown below)


Salomon Soft Flask

I had the chance to use the Salomon Soft Flasks during my run in London Ultra 50km on 19th of February. Due to a short route mistake and we finished it around 54km in 6 hours time 🙂 I got two flasks from Castlebergoutdoors, thanks to James Kenyon  they were on time just five days before the event. Salomon‘un bu yeni mataraları yumuşak materyalden üretilmiş ve çok rahat taşınmakta.

It is very easy to use the bite walve to drink fluids without losing any of it. Only things that could be improved are:

  • Salomon can create a larger version that can fit well in the pockets of Skin packs like 300 or 350ml each.
  • The flasks can have a larger neck which could ease the refilling during the check points.

Önerilerim biraz daha büyük 300-350ml’lik versiyonlarının üretilip skin pack çantaları ile beraber ya da ayrıa satışa sunulması ve doldurmak için ağız kısımlarının daha geniş yapılması.

Aşağıdaki fotoğrafta Raidlight Olmo 5 çanta ile London Ultra’da bu mataraları kullandığımı görebilirsiniz. Yanımdaki ise Ispanyol koşu arkadaşım Ivan Pedrezas.

I used these flasks due to the course and check points are frequent. It was not necessary to carry long distance bottles. Picture ic taken with my buddy Ivan Pedrazas.

– The Salomon Soft Flask 237ml is ideal for energy drinks or gels, 237ml Capacity, Bite valve.


A flexible flask with bite valve for any energy drink or gel, allows you to squeeze the entire contents out of the flask. It also has a 148ml version which is great for gels.

Bu sene Western States 100 Mil yarışında tarihinde ilk defa Avrupa kökenli biri yarışı birinci bitirdi. Killian Jornet en yakın rakibinden çok az farkla geçen sene sıcak ve tecrübesizliğinden ötürü 3. Bitirdiği yarışta zafere ulaştı. Killian bu sene çok özel prototip bir kısa kollu, güneşten koruyan ve son derece hafif bir S-Lab ürünü giydi. Bu ürünle ilgili 2012 yazında benim kesinlikle beklentilerim oluştu ve ticari bir ürün olabileceğini düşünüyorum.

Killian won the Western States 100 Miles and took the top buckle to Europe for the first time. During his previous journey he and his team learned a lot about hydration and running in the hot. This year Salomon Labs supported him with a special hand bottle and jersey which is very light and protective for sun.

Ancak benim T-Shirtten daha çok dikkatimi çen çok farklı bir malzemeden üretilen son derece esnek, jelden biraz daha yoğun bir materyalden üretilen el mataraları idi. 250 ML civari bir hacme sahip olduğunu düşündüğüm bu mataranın (daha sonra 237 oldugunu öğrendik) bir  fotoğrafı da Avustralyalı ultra maratoncunun Fransa kampında çektiği video’da göründü. Benim de sahip olduğum Advanced skin s-Lab 12’nin de içindeki 1.5 litrelik su torbasının da bu maddeden yapılmış olduğunu ve Source markası yerine Salomon markası taşıdığını farkettim. Ürün çok kolay temizlenebiliyor ve bakteriden çok kolay şekilde ayrıştırılabiliyor ve daha yumuşak oldugundan sırtınızı kesinlikle rahatsız etmiyor.

But the important product and material was the hand held bottles that Killian used with special gloves. When I received my Advanced Skin 12 pack, I mentioned that Salomon has quit using source bladders and developed it’s own bladder technology which is anti-bacterial and more softer on material , which enables very easy cleaning.

Fotoğrafta Killian’ın Western States’te kullandığı mataraların eline özel eldiveni ile takıldığını görüyoruz.

You can see that Kilian uses special gloves to carry these bottles. Please click here to go to Castlebergoutdoors to see their wide Salomon S-Lab range available

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Salomon XT S-Lab 5 Preview

Salomon XT Wings S-Lab series are the ultimate trail running shoe that Salomon produced. with its broght colors, light materials, non- destructable soles, smooth cushining it is the elite athletes choice in all terrain trail running. This year they are revealing the fifth edition; Salomon XT S-Lab 5

There are; starting from last season two different versions of this show, soft ground is for the mud, desert, sand and grass surfaces where on the other hand ordinary one which is named Salomon XT S-Lab 5 has a more flattier sole so you can use them for UTMB TDS , Tor des Geants or more rocky and tought surfaces.



I had chance to see and examine some of the shoes and also still using my Salomon XT Wings S-Lab 2 shoe on most of my races. I finished UTMB CCC and UTMB TDS;  72km and 119km respectively with these shoes. It is very light, comfortable on the trails. The quick lace system is a saver in these races where you dont have lucury to lose time to tie your laces every time. 🙂

But after a certain period of time and usage sometimes in muddy surfaces like 16 hours of continious rain in 2010 CCC, i had huge effort and diffuculty due to the sole of the XT Wings. I guess these kind of responses from their customers gave Salomon Lab an idea that they created both soft and hard ground versions of these shoes.


These are the pictures starting from left to right; the Salomon XT Wings S-Lab series. One my favorites is the first one with its different red color. I have the second version where i am currently using on my races. The fourth edition which is the 4th picture on the middle after the small thmbnails is the soft ground version of Salomon XT Wings S-Lab 4



Salomon XT S-Lab 5 Soft Ground

As i did not tested the shoe yet,  here are the images that i have got from Castleberg Outdoors. The soft ground version definately looks like Salomon Fell Cross S-Lab I in terms of the colors. The white one where it looks like Salomon S-Lab Sense`s colors. Light red and white in weight.

Please check the great review from James Kenyon ( Castleberg Outdoors ) and click to get more information here.


  • Soft Ground and Normal XT S-Lab 5 are almost same in weight where they are 330 and 325 grams respectively.
  • They both use the seamless technology and welded sensifit on the top of the shoe.
  • The lace pocket seems meshier and lighter as this is a development for all Salomon shoes to make them lighter and lighter.

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Terra Nova Extremities Review

Terra Nova means ‘new ground’ and this UK company is producing perfect gear for ultra-light camping, adventure racing, expedition equipment. I also have their Terra Nova Laser Photon tent which is the former World Guinness Record holder with 700 grams. I used this tent with my running comrade Caner in DASK 2011 where we finished the long course as 4th out of 5 finishers where there were around 10-15 starter teams. 

I got the opportunity to have and test two great products of them last week. One of them is Ultra-Light running and Hiking Gloves and the other one is the Power Dry Beanie.

Ultra-light Glo Gloves

This gloves are designed to reach the minimum weight for those keen to cut as many grams as possible. A high visibility Coolmax® palm and revolutionary Ultra fabric back combine to provide breathable weather protection. I used back to back to nights while running 10kms each in very cold situations around -3,4 degrees. 

First the gloves are incredibly light. 19 grams J Perfect for someone looking forward for an ultra-run and does not want to carry a lot with themselves. The stretch cut offs could be a little bit more tight but it is easy to take off and on the gloves. The ultra-fabric looks like Pertex and I guess is used in the new tents of Terra Nova. This fabric is totally waterproof.

One of the things to be improved could be breathability, I guess this is because of the waterproof fabric but I have to admit that I have another waterproof gloves, and it has less breathability then this product. Overall I was very happy about the gloving opportunity that you become more visible at night. Also I was very happy about the weight and waterproofness of the Gloves. I strongly recommend these for the ultra runners who are keen for especially being light in UTMB and OMM races. Well done Terra-Nova ! 


  • Lightweight and waterproof ULTRA fabric over the back of the hand
  • Hi-vis COOLMAX® palm and cuff
  • Fabric: 60% Polyester, 40% high tenacity Polyethylene
  • Weight: 19g

Power Dry Beanie

This Beanie is fitting hat with the best wicking properties of all the Malden Mills fabrics. Flat lock seams ensure comfort and prevent rubbing and the deep unfinished hem allows you to fit the beanie to your needs. Perfect for use under a helmet when cycling, climbing or during winter sports and superb for running in winter or cold weather events.

I am also using this beanie bundled with my Buff to protect my head from chill, wind during my runs. I always run with hat or beanie where I believe protecting this including your neck from cold is essential. This beanie can be suitable for everytype of head and person as it is flexible in terms of Cloth, super thin and warm. I guess it is less than 15 grams overall. 


  • POLARTEC® POWER DRY® Provides Excellent Moisture Management
  • Warm and Quick Drying
  • Unfinished Hem Allows You to Fit the Hat to Your Needs
  • Packs Away Easily with Virtually No Weight
  • Perfect for Wearing Under a Helmet


Salomon Speedcross III – New Colors

Salomon started to reveal the new color options for its Iconic Trail running shoe, Speedcross III. Since years starting from 2000 Salomon produced the Speedcross, it became an essential shoe for every trail runner to have one in their collection. It is light, thin shape and tick sole enabled fast running especially in the fells and muddy adventure races. Okumaya devam et Salomon Speedcross III – New Colors


London Outdoor & Bike Show 2012

Londra`da her sene düzenlenen Bisiklet ve Outdoor fuarına bu sene gitme fırsatı buldum. Bol fotoğraf çektim ve Türkiye’den dostlarla keyifli sohbetler gerçekleştirdim. Fuarın bisiklet kısmı fena olmamasına rağmen, outdoor kısmı bende daha çok beklenti yaratmıştı. Malzeme çeşidi fazla yoktu fakat çok değişik ülkelerin doğa tanıtımlarını bolca öğrenme fırsatı buldum. Okumaya devam et London Outdoor & Bike Show 2012


Salomon 2012 Spring Gears

Salomon reveals one by one the great new products that will be on shelves soon starting from upcoming months. This year mostly focusing on bright colours, lighter material and huge support from their innovative laboratories. Okumaya devam et Salomon 2012 Spring Gears