Salomon Fellraiser

Fell, Fell and Fell ! Fell is normally a term that is coming to the British language from Nordic countries. Fell means; the hills  basically referring to the mountains. Two years ago Salomon introduced it`s first Fell running shoe ( Salomon Fellcross ) shoe which is “designed in the Alps” (where Salomon Labs are in Annecy in France) and “tested on the Fells” ! Okumaya devam et Salomon Fellraiser


Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket

Wind and chill (plus rain) are the three important words that i have learned apart from Lager and Fish & Chips in the UK. even though most of the brave British run with their shorts and sleeveless shirts even the weather is close to zero degrees, i prefer some proper clothing to survive. That’s why i am using Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket. Okumaya devam et Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket


Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra

We have tested and also had the prilviledge to own one of the limited edition of Salomon S-Lab Sense and blogged here about it`s story. This time we would like to show you the new and more durable version of this perfect lightweight trail running shoe which will launch soon; Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Okumaya devam et Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra


Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Belt

I again had the priviledge of testing one of the first Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Belt in the UK. This running belt is extremely light and ergonomic. Salomon`s 2013 summer season model has not gone on sale yet (as of 18th October). Okumaya devam et Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Belt


Terra Nova Laser 20 Elite

Terra Nova Equipment has a long heritage in the design, manufacture and sale of best in class outdoor equipment. From tents and bivis, to sleeping bags and rucksacks, and socks to headwear, they have build up a reputation of technical innovation and world class quality.

They recently sent me a state-of-the-art backpack to test. That ise Terra Nova Laser Elite 20 which is only 210 grams. This ultra light pack is not the lighest one that they have. Their 110 gram pack is the lightest 20L pack in the world. You can see all of their packs via this link.

Terra Nova`s packs are preferred by ultralight gear fans and especially British Adventure racers. This pack comes in two color; black and yellow.

At only 210g, the 20 Elite has to be the best possible compromise between weight and features in a lightweight backpack. Padded shoulder straps, a hip belt with pockets, side compression and storage pockets and a roll-top hood are all present along with additional front attachment points for extra storage if needed.

For the adventure racer there can be few alternatives to the 20 Elite, which forms a part of the Terra Nova Elite racing range of pack, tent and sleeping bag for a mere 1200g.


  • Minimum Weight: 0.21Kg (0lb 7oz)
  • Packed Weight: 0.21Kg (0lb 7oz)
  • Number of Pockets: 4


  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Basic hip belt with 2 zipped storage pockets
  • Mesh side pockets and shockcord compression straps
  • Roll-top velcro closure for the main compartment
  • Attachment points on the shoulder straps for clipping/lashing additional storage

I had the chance to test this pack in last days of September. Me and my friend headed up to Lake District on a very very wet day to climb to Scafell Pike. However the weather said “no” due to unsuccessfull river crossing. We headed to Great Gable and has made to 780m instead of 890 which was the windy and unreachable summit ! It was a great day to test the water resistant and fast hiking abilities of this pack.

Starting with the pros of the pack, let me say this pack is incredibly light and simple. For a 20L pack this pack had more than 20 liters of stuff because of its compressibility. The velcro closure on top and rolling over style closure helps you to pack things easier.

The straps on each side increases the compression ability. The plastic parts are tiny so be carefull not to put too much pressure when pulling.

It is very hard to reach the bottle by your own abilities. Two 1 liter bottles can reach on each side of the pack but you might need your friend to hand your bottle to you during the race. But Terra has also additional pockets for shoulder straps for bottles. I would prefer to use them during a race rather than a usual light hiking.

Side pockets have sealed zippers to protect your stuff from water. It can hold at least 4-5 gels. That is really handy and simple.

You can hang some additional tools and pockets to the streaps that is on the shoulder pads. The pads are thin but they are very comfortable. The adjustment of the chest buckle is not easy but again this pack is “light and very simple”.

The chest buckle has whistle mounted as many of the packs now does. I used a OMM mat to make the back part of the pack more rigid and tight. Being light is important, but i wish Terra had put a very tiny and thin layer on the back side of the pack for more comfort. But as i said before this is not the aim of this pack. It is very light and you can adjust your comfort level by customising it if you wish !

Folding poles can be carried on the side pockets easily. Beware not to ruin the packs side mesh pocket when putting on and off the poles.

I will be definately getting the pockets to use on this pack. They look handy and easy to adapt. They are also made with the same parachute type material. This material is very very resistant to water but not %100 water proof.

Most of the packs in adventure and ultralight market are using these type of material that can resist to water for hours but not longer than 3-4. I still advice you use small water proof bags while using these type of backs during your races or adventures.

Overall this pack is everybody`s dream bag. It is ultra light. It has a huge space. It sits comfortably on your back. It does not bounce if you filled and compressed it tight. It has good and handy pockets on your sides and also mesh pockets for easy access. You can use this pack every day for commuting even shopping & cycling back home. For adventure racers and light hikers this pack is should also be considered ads the first choice. Why should you carr additional 250 grams for just a pack ?

You can see my other Terra Nova reviews here or you can visit Terra Nova`s Web site to click and buy the product.

Terra Nova Equipment – based in Derbyshire, UK, a world leader in ourdoor gear design and manufacture. Achieving several World Records, this is THE brand of choice for professionals and those serious about outdoor gear. World renowned for expedition and ultra lightweight tents, rucksacks / packs, sleeping bags, and more.


Raidlight Team R-Light 001

This was one of the most interesting shoes that i`ve used and tested. Raidlight Team R-light 001 is world`s first fully customisable shoe built by the magic outdoor and trail running gears producer Benoit Laval, the owner of Raidlight. Thank you to my team, Castleberg Outdoors for giving me the opportunity to test it.

The shoe has an insole adapted to your foot first, you have the possibility of choosing the insole based on the morphology of your foot: supinator, pronator or universal. On the other hand there you have interchangable pads for cushioning which is positioned in the heel of the shoe. Raidlight allows you to several possibilities for your preferred cushioning, dynamic or a balance of the two.

The establishment of the PSA is very simple, is positioned below the insole where you just insert the pad. To remove, simply pull on the small tab attached to the pad.

Interestingly the sole and also the pad can be changed when those are worn out. So this will make your shoe more durable.

Gripping of the shoe is very good. The shoe is a bit tight and shoe lacing is a bit different. It has a simple  lace pocket like the Salomon shoes, but due to a patent it does not look similar. You feel your feet stronger in this shoe. It gives you an interesting confidence to jump, hop on from rocky surfaces to muddy trails.

The shoe is comfortable, flexible and rigid. Shoe has good cushioning and hangs on all surfaces and in all conditions, good protection of the foot.

Raidlight allows to offer several types of lacing to guarantee comfort by removing the pressure of traditional lacing points and a maintenance of the foot depending on usage.

You can purchase the R-LIGHT 001 by choosing among 3 different types of in-sole (neutral, pronatior or supinatior) or you can also choose to order your product without in-sole if you have your own orthopedic in-sole Raidlight Custom Shoes is designed for maximum comfort and support that you will feel at first fitting. Comfort has been set up with feet experts: Well-fitting with CTC Lyon, Cushioning pads and interchangeable 3D insole to fit to arch type with SIDAS-Conformable.

Raidlight also offers 3 Accessories:

  • gaiters of protection removable and interchangeable according to usage, to protect from ingress of snow, sand, mud, gravel,
  • a plate of lift (R-Stab Fit / winter 2012) to improve the lift on soils such as sand or snow.
  • a special winter outer sole (available winter 2012).

Grip has been set up with rubber and outsole expert: Hypergrip. The wide midsole, the 6 mm studs and the good outsole grip will give you high control on any ground.


This shoe has been built for middle bunch runners who are searching for stable shoes, with good shock absorption and good protection. All these easy adaptable accessories make it perfectly custom to everyone’s morphology, targets and field conditions.


  • On the mud, the shoe was ok, but i did not had a great test.
  • On wet surfaces the grip is effective and no slipping.
  • The lacing system is different for me. I sometimes put extra pressure on my ankle by too much. I am used to be a Salomon fan and used to their lace system.
  • Design is not bad but too colorfull without a great design. The shoe is a kind of a very very strong horse, does the work well but not aesthetic.
  • Durability would be the word for this shoe. With the possibility to change the worn out pieces (abshock pads, outsole resoling…),you can keep this shoes for years and years

 Click to go to Castleberg Outdoors link to buy all the accessories and get the shoe advice from them. 


MDS Ultrabag

Marathon des Sables is one of the ultimate challanges in the world. It is a 7 day stage race passing Sahara desert more than 240kms. During this slf sufficiency race, competitors carry their eqipment, food and necessary items with them all the time.

Ergonomics and usability driven different companies like Salomon, Raidlight, New Balance, OMM and Inov8 are designing packs for these special expeditions. The MDS Ultrabag has been designed to perfectly satisfy ‘marathon des sables’ runners, whatever their needs, whatever their size and body types. Lightweight, durable and functional, it is 100% customizable and adapts to you.

MDS Ultrabag 590g OF DESERT TECHNOLOGY (weight of the bag naked)

Included options and accessories: autonomous 4L front-pack, Nepalese carrying system, rain-reflective cover, inbuilt reflective poncho, multi-position flask-carrier, 2 x 750ml flask with drinking tube, MP3 holder (can also serve as rubbish bin), 4 detachable straps for floor mat, interior detachable mesh pocket for separating heavy items, extractable comfort back-foam, 2 detachable tropicalized 0.5L front pockets.

It is Functional

  • 270 ° opening. Highly resistant zipper closure which allows you to view and access the entire contents of the bag.
  • Compressibility of from 20 to 4 liter: Two side compression elastics adjust the volume of the bag to the items carried inside. For a better fit.
  • Nepalese carrying system: Your bag is too heavy after hours of racing with 15 kg on the back? Partially or completely unload your shoulders with the Nepalese carrying webbing. Weight : 20 grs
  • Rain reflective cover: Removable, placed in a pocket under the backpack, the rain reflective cover deploys easily and without needing to stop. It is also a reflective safety accessory, for you to be seen during your trainings at night. Weight : 40 grs

  • Inbuilt reflective poncho: Removable, placed in a pocket located above the backpack, it takes a gesture and a fraction of a second to give you protection against wind and rain. Weight : 90 grs
  • Multi-position flask-carriers: With three snaps and two straps, water bottle flasks remain attached to their ties even at fast run. Four locations on the backpack, two on the front-pack, all adjustable in height.Weight : 40 grs x 4
  • Storage for walking sticks, distress flares or rockets: Originally planned to store the distress flare (rocket) of the Marathon des Sables, it is also suitable for storing walking sticks.
  • Special fasteners for Marathon Des Sable race number bib: Suitable for MDS bibs eyelets, the attachment system meets the rules of the race and prevents damage to your bag with pins.
  • Tie straps for floor mats or down sleeping bag … Located under the backpack, they can withdraw.

Comfortable and ergonomic

  • Rectangular. As all rescue units know, from firemen to rescue squads at sea or in the mountains, only the rectangular format allows easy and fast access, and a rational storage.
  • Suitable for all body types. The wide and ventilated shoulder straps suit all types of morphologies. Happily tested by runners from 45 kg to 120 kg. A rail allows to move the chest strap according to one’s chest size.
  • Lightweight bag and accessories. Each fabric, each hanging/hooking system, each accessory must be as light as possible without sacrificing strength. We selected the most hi-tech components from the market to meet these criteria.

  • Removable mesh pocket dividing the charges. Clipped at the top of the central compartment of the bag, a mesh pocket can position the weight in the upper part of the bag, thereby discharging the lower part of the bag. Weight : 75 grs
  • 4L autonomous front-pack: Integrated to backpack for better load distribution front / rear. The front-pack can also be used alone for long training rides, some trails and become a waist bag on its own. A small version of the backpack: light, strong, stable and functional. Weight : 185 grs

It is Solid

  • Resistant materials. “Ultrabag” means the selection of materials that meet the highest standards, to make an ultra durable backpack.
  • Tropicalized front pockets. Two pockets at the waist to provide an opportunity for additional storage of 0.5L each. They are resistant to rain and moisture. Weight : 40 grs x 2
  • Washable fabrics. Specially designed for intensive practice of trail! You come home from a muddy training session, put your bag in the washing-machine, it will come out like new.


  • A hell of a look! No more ‘turtle’ looking outfit! Quasimodo is over! Wherever you are, in the race, or on sandy tracks, on mountain trails, or while training, in the subway, or at the office, you will be the fashion victim, leading the way …

Where to buy

You can buy MDS Ultra Bag from Ultra marathon Running Store in the UK.


Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set

We have first seen this gloves; Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set when Killian Jornet was using them in his second Western States 100 race where he finished first. During his first race he had suffered from not intaking fluid during the last part of the race.

Therefore Salomon S-Lab innovated special hydration system that will help runners intaking fluid in shorter time with less effort. I have blogged about these flasks here, but now Salomon have started producing the gloves as well. 

The new hydration system has a short sleeve of soft breathable fabric which fits like a glove on your hand to carry various types of soft flasks during your runs.

Elastic straps helps you to adjust and secure the bottle for slipping away from your hand even you get wet.


Another cord secures the flasks from top, eliminating the movement of the flasks and makes easier to just bite and inhale the ingredients without effort.

The gloves will be solved as pair in a set. There will be three sizes of the gloves; small, medium, and large. Each set will come with a PVC-free 237ml bottle (only one).

On the other hand Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab can hold any Salomon soft flasks from 148 to 1,000 mls and this sets RSP will be around $40.


You can watch the video gear review of this product below.

Please click here to go to Castlebergoutdoors to see their wide Salomon S-Lab range available.

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