Salomon Park Hydro Hand Free Set

I always carry water during my runs. The only exception could be my 4-5 km run around my running route which is close to Forest near by Wimbledon Commons. Staying hydrated during your runs is also critical. You need to have proper hydration to prevent illness like fatigue, headache, decreased coordination and of course muscle cramps. Heat Exhaustion and heatstroke are the second stage illnesses, when you suffer too much from dehydration. Okumaya devam et Salomon Park Hydro Hand Free Set


The North Face Endurance Vest

I love trail running. I love what it gave me in terms of friendship, discovering new places, and learning myself and world more. One thing about  Trail running that also excites me is the design of gear. I am an Industrial Engineer and my favorite course back in 1990’s was Ergonomics and Product design. That’s why I really like buying and learning about the new stuff in Trail running. Okumaya devam et The North Face Endurance Vest


Salomon Winter 2014 Gear

Salomon 2014 yılı Sonbahar kış sezonundaki ürünlerini satışa sundu. Ben de sizler için bu ürünlerden kışa uygun uzun kollu olan üst katmanları derledim.

Okumaya devam et Salomon Winter 2014 Gear


The North Face Martin Wing Pro

A pack designed by famous The North Face UTMB runner Tsuyoshi Kaburagi. This is one of the most ergonomic trail packs I have ever used and I would like to invite you to a great review with more than 25 pictures of it… Okumaya devam et The North Face Martin Wing Pro


Salomon Advanced Skin Lab Hydro 12 SET

The greatest part of life is to have priority such as when you;

  • …are flying – where I did not find my self almost ever not queuing in Economy class :),
  • …are waiting for a table in a restaurant –  thx most London restaurants are first come first serve) 🙂
  • Or you have the first chance to test the new product of your love mark…- Whooo hoo ! That’s me !

Okumaya devam et Salomon Advanced Skin Lab Hydro 12 SET


Salomon Agile 17

I had chance to see and test the new Salomon Agile 17 series trail running backpacks with my dearest running friend John Wilkins. With my direction, John bought this pack, added some accessories and he became ready for his ultra running adventures. He chose the largest version for using it for different purposes. Okumaya devam et Salomon Agile 17


Dirty Girl Gaiters

I had the privilege to test a new set of shoe gaiters during the last two weekends. First one was in a beautiful weather fro two days in Peak district. ( Beautiful ? Weather ? On the first week of February ?). Yes that is true but that is another long story that I need to write.  The second one was in Box Hill, Dorking , Surrey. Plenty of mud, rain and dirt. I guess these gaiters had enough torture where they really earned their feminine name 🙂 Dirty Girl Gaiters ! Okumaya devam et Dirty Girl Gaiters


Haglofs Gram Comp Pull

The Haglofs Gram Comp Pull is hand to me by Castleberg Outdoors 3 months ago during my training runs for the Trans Gran Canaria Event. Even though I think TGC event might not have rain like the ones I had previously on UTMB CCC and UTMB ; the mandatory equipment list says that I should have a fully waterproof Gore-Tex® Active Shell for maximum weather protection during these mountain ultra-trails. Okumaya devam et Haglofs Gram Comp Pull