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I was very lucky to share the Tweed Run experience in 2012 April by winning the lottery to enter and be among the 400 special people. Basically, Tweed Run is a group bicycle ride through the centre of London, in which the cyclists are expected to dress in traditional British cycling attire, particularly tweed suits.

Any bicycle is acceptable on the Tweed Run, but classic vintage bicycles are encouraged. I don`t have a vintage bicycle yet 🙁  However I have a very special one; my Dahon Hon Solo. This year I could not make the lottery but I would like to share with you my 2012 story with 45 pictures and 12 HD Videos that I have captured with my GoPro…

You can see the organizers Jacquie and Jack whom have worked very hard and created this event with great sponsors like Brooks Saddles, Tyrells and others. 

We have met near Victoria Albert Museum a bit behind in a park. I was early and my idea was to take a lot of pictures and videos as a blogger. It was great to see vintage bikes, nice dressed ladies and gents coming to the park to get their registration cards.

Weather was cold but Tweed dresses and suits were enough to make it warm.

Some people brought their kids and families with tandem and special bikes that you will mention in the below pictures and more than 10 videos.

Our route was Hyde park, Piccadilly, Buckingham, Westminster Bridge, Imperial War Museum, passing near Bermondsey and finish around east of London in a Pub. The route is passed between 10:00 and 16:00

Old Style Movie recording is provided by a company who are using old video equipment which was great.

Traffic was managed by Marshalls so that we were in safe and due to the nature of the ride and the outfits every body was bit surprised and gave chance us to move freely.

Penny farthing, a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel that was popular after the boneshaker, until the development of the safety bicycle, in the 1880s. I had chance to see and ride along with these historical machines.

Bicycle Ambulances are pretty common in the UK for quick response and they were part of the tour for safety. Very clever thinking …

Smoking pipes and taking old photos are trend…

There were many tandems as well.


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