The North Face Martin Wing Pro

A pack designed by famous The North Face UTMB runner Tsuyoshi Kaburagi. This is one of the most ergonomic trail packs I have ever used and I would like to invite you to a great review with more than 25 pictures of it…

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After I saw the pack, the problem was the pack was sold only in Japan. The North Face in Japan has a factory and they do not sell these pack to other side of the world. Goldwin is a web site that I have found on Internet had this pack. I asked my fellow UTMB friend Hiroyuki Hirabayashi and he sent it to me very quickly with a UTMF brochure 🙂

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The pack is light with 350 -400 grams range and does not include the water bladder. The price for the pack is around 120 -150 USD range. It is 5 liters and you have to be a minimalist person to fit all of your stuff for UTMB into this. The gel pockets and mandatory items can fit easily into the pockets. All you need to do is to pack your water proof gloves, pant and inner layer together, squeeze them a bit to fit the back compartment. Your Goretex Jacket should stay within the outer elastic cords.

Designed by TNF athlete Tsuyoshi Kaburagi 

This pack is designed by the elite trail runner of The North Face team, Tsuyoshi Kaburagi. He has always been in Top 10 pack in the UTMB and sometimes being as in Top 5. Apart from always smiling face, Kaburagi is also a great ambassador for his country and created another epic race circumnavigating the epic Mt. Fuji of Japan.

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Kaburagi tells that, lowering the side pockets extremely below helped to reach the very back of the pack and helps to get stuff like gels, emergency blanket, headlamp easily without removing the pack.

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The velcro belt after filling it is secure and helps to take the center of gravity very below rather than putting too much pressure on shoulders only. With this, it helps you to always strike forward which is one of the core disciplines in trail running.

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I really like the pack`s waist belt. It has incredible number of pockets and all are very useful. There are two big mesh pockets on each side.These mesh pockets also have additional layers to store gels or snacks. Following them there are another two additional pockets relatively almost half the size of the side packs. These are enough to have batteries, salt sticks, or two Overstims gels on each side. The pocket just below your spine, is the main pocket which you can put emergency blanket, headlamp or thin gloves.

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The only problem about the pack for me is the chest pockets. These only hold 250ml small flasks or some gels. If you are running the UTMB, you need to have larger bottles infront apart from your bladder. I wish TNF would improve these to add 330ml or 500ml standart water bottles on your chest packs.

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There is a key holder inside of the main compartment which is nice. The Velcro on the waist pack is long enough for any people, slim or with some belly. The Velcro holder for the bladder inside bladder compartment is tiny and wish it was a bit stronger. Another thing is there is a pole holder elastic cord on top left corner of the back pack. However, I could not noticed the one that you can tie the bottom part of the poles. You can use the bladder hose either right or left side of the pack, thanks to two exit holes on shoulders.


  • The main body and the front pocket which improved capacity than the former model
  • The flap-type stretch pocket which was built more

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  • Compartment (1.5L correspondence) for exclusive use of the reservoir
  • The corset-shaped removable Velcro-type hips belt which stretches

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  • Large-sized Velcro-type waist pocket (to a flap part with the stuss pocket)
  • A pole loop and stopper

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  • The shoulder harness which I reduce the huskiness of the shoulder, and disperses at load
  • It is a flask pocket to both shoulders harness

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  • Capacity: 5L, weight: 460 g, dimensions: 34*20*5cm

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Martin wing designed to meet needs of trail running definitely. It is a different pack and I like these kind of thinking. It has innovation, spirit and at least a taste of an Ultra Runner. 
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The fabric of the pack is wind and water resistant. The back side of the pack is 90% mesh and this makes your back f your shirt less wet.

Other Models for The North Face Martin Wing Pro Series

Martin Wing Pro 3

This is the smallest version. The rear top pocket is smaller compared to 5 liter version and the flask holder on shoulder is single instead of double. You can notice that the 5 liter version has 7 small pockets on the waist belt where as this has only 4.

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Martin Wing 6

It is a 6 liter model of Martin wing  of trail running packs. It is equipped with the ability to inherit the back comfort of the original Martin wing series which was developed for racing on the trail to run comfortably. A fastener type of waist belt has two large pockets to reach.  355 grams

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Martin Wing 10

This is the 10 liter version. If you like to carry more stuff on long distance races which are in mountains or in winter conditions, this could be your pack. 420 grams and holds two liter reservoir.

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Martin Wing 16

This is the largest of all models. Pretty much a great pack may be for TOR DES GEANTS or if you are light enough for a mountain marathon. This pack is around 550 grams and has various colors like red, blue, black and yellow.

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Martin Wing LT

This is the lightest version of the trail running pack series of Martin Wing. This can be packed into itself and become like a very small pack. It is 180 grams.And it holds 5 liter of gear. This kind of packs are really useful when they sit in your car glove compartment and when ever you need, you can just fill and start trail running any time.

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Old versions of The North Face Martin Wing Series of Packs 

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