Salomon XA Skin Pro Pack

Salomon started revealing its upcoming packs in Outdoor Retailer show. The famous Advanced Skin S-Lab was dominating the ultra trail community`s Salomon addicts. How ever the new regulations forced Salomon team to generate a larger pack which is called Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 L.

XA Skin Pro 10

Starting from 2012, Salomon will go forward with the skin vest type packs more. the sinals arrived in Outdoor Retailer show. i am mentioning that i took some of the pictures from the web sites that i positioned their links at the bottom of this post to respect their content.

XA Skin Pro 10

The 10 liter version is for UTMB and 24-48 hour trails. How ever Salomon plans to reveal a different style 16+4, total 20 l’ter pack for mid distance hiking as well. That pack is called XA Skin Pro 16+4.


XA Skin Pro 16

The main differences that i see is the expandability on the back side with a zipper, colors and missing the removable front left pocked and velcro of it. i am not %100 aware of as the side pockets are with zippers or not. But the pack seems promising.

XA Skin Pro Harness

As far as i use the Salomon 12 Liter Advanced Skin, the only things that i did not liked about it are:

  • The clips on the shoulders for attaching front pack is missing.
  • The bladder tube is not insulated and short

Please visit the Video tests that i did about Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 and content about Salomon 12 Liter Pack.

Here are the links that i got the pictures from:


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