Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket

Wind and chill (plus rain) are the three important words that i have learned apart from Lager and Fish & Chips in the UK. even though most of the brave British run with their shorts and sleeveless shirts even the weather is close to zero degrees, i prefer some proper clothing to survive. That’s why i am using Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket.

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Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket is almost 100 grams or less in weight. Special Pertex type material is Wind and water resistant. Morning chills and windy evening runs are not a big problem if you have this Jacket already on. Putting a long thin base layer would be even enough in conditions with high wind and temperatures below 10 to 5 degrees.

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We have first seen this jacket two years ago on Salomon Athlete Killian Jornet where the UTMB 2010 was stopped by the organisation on its 30th Km. Killian was wearing this inside and a thin layer + a hoody which was extremely light as well. The tests continued and this version is now available on sale starting from Spring 2013 through out the S-Lab retailers.

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This year even UTMB announced to split their 180 gram mandatory single layer to two separate layers. This kind of thin layer is also a very good insulator when used with single layers between your main Gore-Tex jacket in the Alps. I used Montane Slipstream GL which was also a very good jacket but unfortunately dropped and lost in one of the checkpoints in UTMB 2011.

Salomon-lab-windproof-jacket (2)

the zips are also taped and weatherproof. The wind can not get inside of these zips. The jacket does not have a pocket, which i think due to the light construction, a small pocket would be really nice. S-Lab logos are very cool and mind that Salomon has changed their logos on all of their products.

Salomon-lab-windproof-jacket (1)

The elastic cords on the bottom and also in the arms are not very strong. Salomon should improve them and these should be more tight. If this a windproof jacket no wind should come inside the body from wrists or bottom/back or from part of the jacket.

Salomon-lab-windproof-jacket (6)

There are mainly two colours. Smoked Grey which the one i use and also the white transparent one (which i would like to have) . I got this jacket without any package. So i am sure as this jacket has a stuff sack to carry on or not. It should has to be !

salomon-summer-season-2013 (14)

This year`s UTMB winner François d’HAENE used a similar one but a fantastic red in colour. This could be a sign that we can have the red one in two year time 🙂

salomon-summer-season-2013 (15)

Castleberg Outdoors` staff and Team GB, Team Inov-8 and Bingley Harriers Ultra Runner Mary Wilkinson`s review is in the below link and order the product through them confidently.

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