Salomon Pro Exo S-Lab Socks

Salomon EXO SENSIFIT® Technology offers a wide range of trail running clothing since 4-5 years’ time. S-Lab found out after numerous tests that compression technology which is used for curing some of the blood pressured caused fatigue in health care is also successful during the usage of extreme sports.

Trail running or Ultra running athletes need the certain amount of blood pressure flow to their during these extreme exercises or races. When especially climbing up hills, technical downhill’s or upper body movements the benefit of using compression technology are decreasing fatigue and cramps on calves, quads and hamstrings as well as improving your posture to enable breathing properly.

I use Salomon Exo Calves (2nd and 4th generation) during my long runs supported with Exo T-Shirt for my posture and Salomon Exo ¾ Tights and Twin Skin Shorts for my legs. I have finished my races like London Ultra, Dorset Costal Ultra, DASK Anatolian Mountain Marathon, UTMB CCC 2010 and UTMB TDS 2011 with these outfits ( you can refer to race reports by clicking the names).

Last week Salomon has sent me a pair of Pro Exo Socks to try them and I have been running them for my last four workouts.

These Socks are made of  97% polyamide which includes (54% Nylon, 30% Tactel, 13% Nanoglide, 3% elastane. For long runs it does keep wet and moisture due to its fabrics. The socks are designed with Salomon’s international team so this Trail Running sock makes running easier by providing better ankle support and blood flow thanks to EXO SENSIFIT® Technology.


They have compression ability on slightly above the ankle and bottom part of your feet. This design enables Shock protection, better grip and compression.  Due to different weather environments and course length/time, it has reinforced toe and heel area for endurance.

During my tests I was quite happy with the performance of the socks. I love at least two or three different Salomon socks and I have at least four pairs of them which I quite loyal to the type of socks that I have.  But these could be my next “loved socks” 🙂

One thing might be improved is the right-left designation on the socks. Most of the Salomon socks are designed for the ergonomics of the right-left foot separately but these do not have any designation or mark. I recommend to use these socks for your extreme races.

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