Renting a Cottage

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United Kingdom as a country is a great heaven for resting and having a great holiday. Various type of Hotels, bed and breakfast type accommodation, Camping, Caravan camping and Hostels are some of the important type of spending holidays in this beautiful country. However, this time I would like to give information about a different, quaint, quiet and romantic opportunity. Renting a Cottage !

Cottage as a terminology is said to be a vacation or summer house in many languages. The term especially comes from East Canada, Scandinavia and  Russia. (in Finnish mökki; in Estonian suvila; in Swedish stuga; in Norwegian hytte; in Russian (dacha)) On the other hand in America, this type of house or accommodation is calles a “cabin” or “chalet”

After the 13th Century, the term “cottage” started to be used in English. This might came from old French or German. A small residence concept started emerging around 17th century. That this word spread widely and used since than. In early times most of the cottages were small  and quite unpleasant due to the poverty during those times. Than country life started to be more attractive and cottages started to become more and more exciting for living. The values of cottages gone up since than. People started seeking out cottages for vacation or as permanent residences.

Normally, Cottages in the UK are built from various materials like stone, wood, or wattle and daub. The designs are different depending on the region and country as well as the weather.  Some of them are tiled or thatched. Some cottages have their roof  with shingles.

With small gardens, fresh flowers, Cottages give a pleasant and warm atmosphere to the people who rent, live or let the property.  It can be seen as a holiday home but renting a cottage for a mid or long period of time is also very popular these days. Expats, professionals, writers, artists and retired people often rent long term cottages to have quiet and relax time outside the busy atmosphere of crowded capitals and large cities. People often let their own cottage for period of time too. Experience in the cottage hire industry is crucial.

Modern cottages do not have farm but some do. The main idea of cottages is to be simple. Many of them designed to be rustic. Some of the main features are hand-carved wood work, plank floors and stylish chimneys.

Having a cottage holiday with your small children or youngsters are also very educative and exciting.  if the cottages are close to beach you can enjoy fishing, sea sports and fun.  For example the cottages around Cotswolds have wonderful walking paths for long walks and surrounded by lavender fields.  Children will also learn about the fauna, wildflowers, insects and animal life.

Many cottage homes are furnished with antiques and wooden furniture. Oak or Cherry wood tables and chairs are popular. Reading is the most important thing during your stay. That’s why Sofa beds and rocking chairs are quite popular. Pine and rattan are used in some stylish cottages.

Here are some pictures and articles about the Cotswolds villages that have magnificent cottages:

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