Raidlight Team R-Light 001

This was one of the most interesting shoes that i`ve used and tested. Raidlight Team R-light 001 is world`s first fully customisable shoe built by the magic outdoor and trail running gears producer Benoit Laval, the owner of Raidlight. Thank you to my team, Castleberg Outdoors for giving me the opportunity to test it.

The shoe has an insole adapted to your foot first, you have the possibility of choosing the insole based on the morphology of your foot: supinator, pronator or universal. On the other hand there you have interchangable pads for cushioning which is positioned in the heel of the shoe. Raidlight allows you to several possibilities for your preferred cushioning, dynamic or a balance of the two.

The establishment of the PSA is very simple, is positioned below the insole where you just insert the pad. To remove, simply pull on the small tab attached to the pad.

Interestingly the sole and also the pad can be changed when those are worn out. So this will make your shoe more durable.

Gripping of the shoe is very good. The shoe is a bit tight and shoe lacing is a bit different. It has a simple  lace pocket like the Salomon shoes, but due to a patent it does not look similar. You feel your feet stronger in this shoe. It gives you an interesting confidence to jump, hop on from rocky surfaces to muddy trails.

The shoe is comfortable, flexible and rigid. Shoe has good cushioning and hangs on all surfaces and in all conditions, good protection of the foot.

Raidlight allows to offer several types of lacing to guarantee comfort by removing the pressure of traditional lacing points and a maintenance of the foot depending on usage.

You can purchase the R-LIGHT 001 by choosing among 3 different types of in-sole (neutral, pronatior or supinatior) or you can also choose to order your product without in-sole if you have your own orthopedic in-sole Raidlight Custom Shoes is designed for maximum comfort and support that you will feel at first fitting. Comfort has been set up with feet experts: Well-fitting with CTC Lyon, Cushioning pads and interchangeable 3D insole to fit to arch type with SIDAS-Conformable.

Raidlight also offers 3 Accessories:

  • gaiters of protection removable and interchangeable according to usage, to protect from ingress of snow, sand, mud, gravel,
  • a plate of lift (R-Stab Fit / winter 2012) to improve the lift on soils such as sand or snow.
  • a special winter outer sole (available winter 2012).

Grip has been set up with rubber and outsole expert: Hypergrip. The wide midsole, the 6 mm studs and the good outsole grip will give you high control on any ground.


This shoe has been built for middle bunch runners who are searching for stable shoes, with good shock absorption and good protection. All these easy adaptable accessories make it perfectly custom to everyone’s morphology, targets and field conditions.


  • On the mud, the shoe was ok, but i did not had a great test.
  • On wet surfaces the grip is effective and no slipping.
  • The lacing system is different for me. I sometimes put extra pressure on my ankle by too much. I am used to be a Salomon fan and used to their lace system.
  • Design is not bad but too colorfull without a great design. The shoe is a kind of a very very strong horse, does the work well but not aesthetic.
  • Durability would be the word for this shoe. With the possibility to change the worn out pieces (abshock pads, outsole resoling…),you can keep this shoes for years and years

 Click to go to Castleberg Outdoors link to buy all the accessories and get the shoe advice from them. 


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