Lomo Dry Bag

When I go for races, recce weekends or training, I always need a large pack where I can put my wet shoes, used and smelly Trail Running gear and carry them back. I had dry bags before and most of us have duffle type bags. Couple of weeks ago, I have met a brand called Lomo Dry Bag , a sub brand of a British company called Ewetsuits. The drybag that they had took my attentian as it was large enough to get my gear and the best thing was it had its shoulder carrying straps which is detachable 🙂


Last week I went to Lake District my favourite place to hike, run and walk. It was for a recce weekend of a race. I carried two shoes, Camping equipment including sleeping bag, mat, tent and also some cooking utensils as well as food, dry clothes for two days and emergency equipment. You can see my list below 🙂


I travelled with train and the pack fitted to the top shelf of the train compartment. The good part of the drybag is the materal. It is soft but you can feel that it is very tough as well.


You have both waist and chest straps. These are adjustable by buckles and sits on your hip very confortably. The seals are strong and the pack was almost more than 35kgs and I carried it with out any problem.


Top closure is roll-top and buckel sytem. This is demonstrated below in their official product video. The good thing is you can roll Lomo Dry Bag once, then take the air out by compressing. This makes you to squeeze the things inside the pack and gain more space to put even more.


The best thing is the waist and shoulder straps are detachable. If you are going for a Canoeing trip or motorcyle tour where you wont be using the straps, you can take them off by removing them as they are attached to the bag with velcro.


Couple of suggestions as I like to challenge the product developers and like to give ideas.

  • A valve to take the air ou could be super helpful.
  • Small hooks on each top closure button would help to lock your bag with a carabin for making someone to open it harder 🙂

Overall this is a fantastic bag for expeditions. One of my friends saw it and he was on the way to South Africa for excursion, he immediately bought two! The price tag is 21 GBP and this is exceptional!

The good thing about this bag is you can adjust the height and use it as a cabin bag as well while flying. If you return with a lot of goodies, you can smiply fill it and give it as main luggage.


Product Description

A cost effective, strong and  comfortable dry pack. The rucksack carrying system, whilst strong and comfortable, is completely removable. The 60l capacity gives plenty of room for packing a sleeping bag , clothing and toiletries for a weekend away. The seams of the rucksack are all RF welded which means there are no stitch holes for water to get through and there is no seam tape to peel off; the seams are literally welded together making them watertight.

The PVC tarpaulin material is tough and durable and has a good degree of abraision resistance.


  • 60L Capacity when closed
  • Dimensions 32CM diameter x 96 CM tall
  • RF Welded seams
  • Removeable carrying system
  • Waist strap
  • Chest strap
  • Roll down closure



The magnificent thing about this drg bag is the value. It is sold £21.00 (Including VAT at 20%) and this is a price that is very hard to beat. similar drybags range minimum from 40 to almost 80 GBP and this dry bag offers the same space, quality with a very low price tag.


You can buy the product from here


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