Killian Jornet

I have won the Killian Jornet`s exclusive DVD from Salomon UK in the contest and had chance to watch it last night. Some of the content was already watched by me on Internet from the episodes of Killian`s Quest. However there were some additional exclusive content that I have never seen anywhere before which was phenomenal.

Killian is Salomon`s elite athlete. He is young and very humble. He loves mountains, travelling, skiing, trail and ultra-running. The very inspiring story is he is grown up with this nature love that is given from especially her mother and father.

Even though he was dreaming to be an “Earth Ranger” stated in the documentary, a new type of job where he can discover the world with his own “invented” shoes and by mountaineering and running.

It is pretty much interesting that even 15 years ago he started dreaming these and Salomon was at those times where started going in to the trail running and  adventure sports segment. I am always inspired by the elite runners like Marco Olmo, Anton Krupicka, Yannis Kouros and of course Killian Jornet where they are truly heroic figures in the trail and ultra-running community.

What Killian brings here is especially the way of he races, the behaviour and the mentality that he points out to the nature and mountains. In one part of the episode he is telling about how mountains are generous to us and giving us food from roots of plants, water from small ponds and heat from the stones on the cliffs. I am really inspired about his philosophy and hugging the rock as his mother or father to get the heat to his body and feel it in one part of the document.

In the last 5 minutes of the video is truely emotional for me as well as he runs in the cliffs of the mountains with his mother where i would be giving anything doing something like that with my mom; RIP…

Another cool things in the video are; his house which is I guess close to Chamonix, his map on his desk , tens of Salomon S-Lab Sense shoes that he worked in the design of it, his Camper van and him knowing so much about Mt Blanc, its epic history…

You can guess why he is always winning in UTMB as he is a huge fan and lover of this mountain.

In the episodes , you can find him trail running and winning on all of the continents in Western states 100, TNF Australia, Klimanjaro, MT. Olympus etc. Also you can meet with the crew, Salomon Lab and how he is putting his team first and showing that without them he feels not as a winner. As I finished UTMB CCC and UTMB TDS and dreaming about finishing the UTMB 166km, the quote on this video really gave me a huge inspiration.

As Killian says: “ When you finish UTMB in 21 hours get rest and come back to the finish line after 20 hours later and see people who are emotional and crying close to the finish line, I see and say; here is a true winner!

It is a great pleasure for me to watch , see and follow what he does for trail running and ultra-running… And thanks to my love mark Salomon for inspiring me and people like me who love their products and athletes so much…

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