Hoka One One Combo XT

As i mentioned before, Castleberg Outdoors gave me the opportunity to test one of the most interesting and innovative shoes of all times, Hoka One One Combo XT.  I had a 35km run starting from Victoria passing through Fulham, Putney reaching Richmond park where i do my trail runs. I did a full circle tour which is 12kms and tested the shoe in grass, trail, asphalt, concrete and paths.

Then returned back the 12km way to my house.

The Hoka Combo XT is a cushioned Hoka cross trail running shoe with enhanced cushioning aids distance running – protecting from joint and muscle strain. It has unique oversized sole unit with rolling motion promotes stability and effecient stride pattern
and  recessed 20-30mm into the midsole.

I started running with Hoka One One Combo XT and did a 12km, 15km and 35km runs in 4 days. The high positioning of the shoe is interesting and feels different than the shoes that i was using frequently which was Adidas Adizero Adios. i thought it would be heavy and hard but actually Hoka is lighter than it seems. Your feet is very comfortable inside and it feels like a gigantic sock that you are running with.

The other interesting feature that i felt in Hoka is the the bottom has a sandal shape with the nose of the shoe is positioned little upside. This means you lean forward and always want to go forward while you are running or jogging.

I was not sure as if this was a perfect trail shoe or a noce daily trainer. Combo XT is the one that you can use as a door to trail. I started on asphalt and passed to grass trails and soft mud surfaces with the same shoe in three hours. The feel was the same. I fet like i was running with a great air pumped shoes that i fly. As from its slogan “now it is time to fly” means Hoka in Maori language, really deserves it`s name.

Thanks to Castleberg Team for giving me the opportunity to test this great shoe. I am now looking to add one of it to my collection of trail and asphalt shoes. Because i feel like i am running very easily on these and i did not even felt any pain on my joints even i did 35Km last sunday…

Hoka One One Combo XT – Features


Hoka OneOne running shoes utilise a unique rolling motion to deliver superior underfoot performance. The sole features a 50% rockering profile to provide a smooth, energy efficient stride transition from the heel strike through to the push off from the forefoot. It is this progressive motion that propels you forward with each and every strike of the foot.


Hoka OneOne running shoes are the only shoes of their kind to make use of unique oversized technology. Using up to 2.5x the volume of EVA in the midsole compared to standard running shoes, they offer outstanding impact absorption and a highly comfortable underfoot feel. This oversized approach to design ensures a natural stride whether on smooth road surfaces or the most uneven trails.


Hoka OneOne running shoes feature a unique patented bucket seat design. This is recessed between 20mm to 30mm into the midsole so that the heel is firmly supported allowing for precision striking and optimum stabilisation of the foot. The recessed nature of the bucket seat also ensures that there is still a superior level of responsiveness between the foot and the ground, despite the high level of cushioning.


Hoka OneOne shoes aren’t just oversized in terms of height and cushioning; they also utilise a 35% wider platform that is designed to enhance underfoot stability. This profile works to counteract the height ensuring that you are comfortable and confident with every strike. All of our uppers are engineered with flexible, reinforced sidewalls, precision fit and close lacing systems to enhance the feeling of stability and support.


All Hoka OneOne shoes are designed to synchronise with the terrain on which you are running. That is why they feature a wide variety of tactile lug constructions with a selection of depth profiles best suited to the terrain in question. The midsole is also designed with grip in mind allowing for the correct amount of deformation, so as to provide constant contact with the ground.


Hoka OneOne running shoes are engineered with weight in mind. All individual shoes are considered first class in their respective categories. Being so lightweight they help to alleviate fatigue over longer distances and are ideal for those who crave high-levels of performance without being weighed down.

About Hoka:

Hoka One One is the brainchild of two gravity sports enthusiasts Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud. Both men have been adventuring for as long as they can remember, and their trail running experiences have taken them across the globe. Both Jean-Luc and Nicolas are committed to the values of freedom and enjoyment and feel that this is integral to the running experience whether running on the trail or in the city. With this in mind they started to look at the variables that affected the performance of different types of runners.

They quickly came to an important conclusion; fatigue, impact and muscle strain were challenges that runners of all stripes had to deal with every day. So Jean-Luc and Nicolas came up with a brilliant idea, why not design a shoe that would help to alleviate these problems – so that freedom and enjoyment could be guaranteed every time you go running!

From that idea Hoka One One was born. The word Hoka is derived from the ancient Maori language and roughly translates to “now it is time to fly”.  That’s just how it feels to run in a pair of Hoka One One shoes; with each and every step your foot takes flight.  Today runner’s from around the world are learning about the benefits of Hoka One One, they have been used by marathon winners. 50 mile, 100 mile and even 2000+ mile ultra-runners as well as runner’s just like you or I who want to enjoy running, perform at their peak and feel that important sense of freedom whilst maintaining top physical performance and protecting against shocks, jolts and injuries.

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