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| Temmuz 22, 2012 | 1 Yorum

Haglofs has started becoming one of my best trail running product provider. I have previously tested, used and abused Endo Goretex Jacket in my Ultra Marathons such as Dorset and also used Gram 15 Water Proof pack during wet hiking and walking conditions in Lake District back to back two weekends. Both products are extremely durable and strong. Totally water proof and had very slight details in terms of ergonomics, fabrics and usage.

Couple of weeks ago, my gear provider Castleberg Outdoors offered me to test their new Goretex layer called Haglofs Endo Pull II. This is not a 100% Jacket because the zip is half. You basically pull it over your head and wear it like that. That`s why it is called Haglofs Endo Pull. It is very similar to Endo Jacket. Highly practical, breathable, totally waterproof and lighter.

The Oxy Blue color has become the flagship color of Haglofs like Salomon`s Red. I can clearly identify a jacket from meters away with this color and also the black chest pocket.

The fabric supports 28.000mm hydrostatic head which means it fits totally the UTMB and Alpine standards of waterproof jacket.

The hood is adjustable by a cord on the neck. I always use this pack with a hat. It becomes perfect if you adjust the hood and position the front part of the hat and hood together and tighten from the neck cord. This is perfect for someone with glasses and running. It prevents water coming to your glasses and improves visibility.

The hood can be also adjusted from the two cords on the front neck part. I still want to get in touch with Haglofs to give a ergonomics idea to improve the cords. Similar to Endo Jacket, front zip and neck cords are same in shape. When you are running you need to zip or unzip the jacket for ventilation or adjust the cords to prevent your self from the rain. But every time I always catch the wrong cord with my hand as it is quiete similar cords and this akes me lose time.

The hand warmer style thumb loops are very helpful in summits and heavy rain. Chest pocket is very large and due to its elastic fabric you can fill more if you need to.

This is a very good UTMB or tough Alpine fast hiking and trail running jacket. I totally recommend it to every one. You can simply click and get more information from Castleberg Outdoors about this products.

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  1. caner Odabasoglu dedi ki:

    Thanks for detailed review, pitty we don’t have Haglofs here in Turkey. Is that M you tested?

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