Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set

We have first seen this gloves; Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set when Killian Jornet was using them in his second Western States 100 race where he finished first. During his first race he had suffered from not intaking fluid during the last part of the race.

Therefore Salomon S-Lab innovated special hydration system that will help runners intaking fluid in shorter time with less effort. I have blogged about these flasks here, but now Salomon have started producing the gloves as well. 

The new hydration system has a short sleeve of soft breathable fabric which fits like a glove on your hand to carry various types of soft flasks during your runs.

Elastic straps helps you to adjust and secure the bottle for slipping away from your hand even you get wet.


Another cord secures the flasks from top, eliminating the movement of the flasks and makes easier to just bite and inhale the ingredients without effort.

The gloves will be solved as pair in a set. There will be three sizes of the gloves; small, medium, and large. Each set will come with a PVC-free 237ml bottle (only one).

On the other hand Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab can hold any Salomon soft flasks from 148 to 1,000 mls and this sets RSP will be around $40.


You can watch the video gear review of this product below.

Please click here to go to Castlebergoutdoors to see their wide Salomon S-Lab range available.

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