Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set

We have first seen this gloves; Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set when Killian Jornet was using them in his second Western States 100 race where he finished first. During his first race he had suffered from not intaking fluid during the last part of the race.

Therefore Salomon S-Lab innovated special hydration system that will help runners intaking fluid in shorter time with less effort. I have blogged about these flasks here, but now Salomon have started producing the gloves as well. 

The new hydration system has a short sleeve of soft breathable fabric which fits like a glove on your hand to carry various types of soft flasks during your runs.

Elastic straps helps you to adjust and secure the bottle for slipping away from your hand even you get wet.


Another cord secures the flasks from top, eliminating the movement of the flasks and makes easier to just bite and inhale the ingredients without effort.

The gloves will be solved as pair in a set. There will be three sizes of the gloves; small, medium, and large. Each set will come with a PVC-free 237ml bottle (only one).

On the other hand Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab can hold any Salomon soft flasks from 148 to 1,000 mls and this sets RSP will be around $40.


You can watch the video gear review of this product below.

Please click here to go to Castlebergoutdoors to see their wide Salomon S-Lab range available.

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Salomon S-Lab Sense Limited Edition

Almost 2 months ago Salomon sent me an e-mail stating that i am one of the 106 (actually 105 + Killian Jornet )  lucky person that will have the limited edition Salomon S-Lab Sense with special inside designed by Killian Jornet and dedicated to his epic WS100 victory. Okumaya devam et Salomon S-Lab Sense Limited Edition


Salomon Soft Flask

I had the chance to use the Salomon Soft Flasks during my run in London Ultra 50km on 19th of February. Due to a short route mistake and we finished it around 54km in 6 hours time 🙂 I got two flasks from Castlebergoutdoors, thanks to James Kenyon  they were on time just five days before the event. Salomon‘un bu yeni mataraları yumuşak materyalden üretilmiş ve çok rahat taşınmakta.

It is very easy to use the bite walve to drink fluids without losing any of it. Only things that could be improved are:

  • Salomon can create a larger version that can fit well in the pockets of Skin packs like 300 or 350ml each.
  • The flasks can have a larger neck which could ease the refilling during the check points.

Önerilerim biraz daha büyük 300-350ml’lik versiyonlarının üretilip skin pack çantaları ile beraber ya da ayrıa satışa sunulması ve doldurmak için ağız kısımlarının daha geniş yapılması.

Aşağıdaki fotoğrafta Raidlight Olmo 5 çanta ile London Ultra’da bu mataraları kullandığımı görebilirsiniz. Yanımdaki ise Ispanyol koşu arkadaşım Ivan Pedrezas.

I used these flasks due to the course and check points are frequent. It was not necessary to carry long distance bottles. Picture ic taken with my buddy Ivan Pedrazas.

– The Salomon Soft Flask 237ml is ideal for energy drinks or gels, 237ml Capacity, Bite valve.


A flexible flask with bite valve for any energy drink or gel, allows you to squeeze the entire contents out of the flask. It also has a 148ml version which is great for gels.

Bu sene Western States 100 Mil yarışında tarihinde ilk defa Avrupa kökenli biri yarışı birinci bitirdi. Killian Jornet en yakın rakibinden çok az farkla geçen sene sıcak ve tecrübesizliğinden ötürü 3. Bitirdiği yarışta zafere ulaştı. Killian bu sene çok özel prototip bir kısa kollu, güneşten koruyan ve son derece hafif bir S-Lab ürünü giydi. Bu ürünle ilgili 2012 yazında benim kesinlikle beklentilerim oluştu ve ticari bir ürün olabileceğini düşünüyorum.

Killian won the Western States 100 Miles and took the top buckle to Europe for the first time. During his previous journey he and his team learned a lot about hydration and running in the hot. This year Salomon Labs supported him with a special hand bottle and jersey which is very light and protective for sun.

Ancak benim T-Shirtten daha çok dikkatimi çen çok farklı bir malzemeden üretilen son derece esnek, jelden biraz daha yoğun bir materyalden üretilen el mataraları idi. 250 ML civari bir hacme sahip olduğunu düşündüğüm bu mataranın (daha sonra 237 oldugunu öğrendik) bir  fotoğrafı da Avustralyalı ultra maratoncunun Fransa kampında çektiği video’da göründü. Benim de sahip olduğum Advanced skin s-Lab 12’nin de içindeki 1.5 litrelik su torbasının da bu maddeden yapılmış olduğunu ve Source markası yerine Salomon markası taşıdığını farkettim. Ürün çok kolay temizlenebiliyor ve bakteriden çok kolay şekilde ayrıştırılabiliyor ve daha yumuşak oldugundan sırtınızı kesinlikle rahatsız etmiyor.

But the important product and material was the hand held bottles that Killian used with special gloves. When I received my Advanced Skin 12 pack, I mentioned that Salomon has quit using source bladders and developed it’s own bladder technology which is anti-bacterial and more softer on material , which enables very easy cleaning.

Fotoğrafta Killian’ın Western States’te kullandığı mataraların eline özel eldiveni ile takıldığını görüyoruz.

You can see that Kilian uses special gloves to carry these bottles. Please click here to go to Castlebergoutdoors to see their wide Salomon S-Lab range available

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Killian Jornet

I have won the Killian Jornet`s exclusive DVD from Salomon UK in the contest and had chance to watch it last night. Some of the content was already watched by me on Internet from the episodes of Killian`s Quest. However there were some additional exclusive content that I have never seen anywhere before which was phenomenal.

Killian is Salomon`s elite athlete. He is young and very humble. He loves mountains, travelling, skiing, trail and ultra-running. The very inspiring story is he is grown up with this nature love that is given from especially her mother and father.

Even though he was dreaming to be an “Earth Ranger” stated in the documentary, a new type of job where he can discover the world with his own “invented” shoes and by mountaineering and running.

It is pretty much interesting that even 15 years ago he started dreaming these and Salomon was at those times where started going in to the trail running and  adventure sports segment. I am always inspired by the elite runners like Marco Olmo, Anton Krupicka, Yannis Kouros and of course Killian Jornet where they are truly heroic figures in the trail and ultra-running community.

What Killian brings here is especially the way of he races, the behaviour and the mentality that he points out to the nature and mountains. In one part of the episode he is telling about how mountains are generous to us and giving us food from roots of plants, water from small ponds and heat from the stones on the cliffs. I am really inspired about his philosophy and hugging the rock as his mother or father to get the heat to his body and feel it in one part of the document.

In the last 5 minutes of the video is truely emotional for me as well as he runs in the cliffs of the mountains with his mother where i would be giving anything doing something like that with my mom; RIP…

Another cool things in the video are; his house which is I guess close to Chamonix, his map on his desk , tens of Salomon S-Lab Sense shoes that he worked in the design of it, his Camper van and him knowing so much about Mt Blanc, its epic history…

You can guess why he is always winning in UTMB as he is a huge fan and lover of this mountain.

In the episodes , you can find him trail running and winning on all of the continents in Western states 100, TNF Australia, Klimanjaro, MT. Olympus etc. Also you can meet with the crew, Salomon Lab and how he is putting his team first and showing that without them he feels not as a winner. As I finished UTMB CCC and UTMB TDS and dreaming about finishing the UTMB 166km, the quote on this video really gave me a huge inspiration.

As Killian says: “ When you finish UTMB in 21 hours get rest and come back to the finish line after 20 hours later and see people who are emotional and crying close to the finish line, I see and say; here is a true winner!

It is a great pleasure for me to watch , see and follow what he does for trail running and ultra-running… And thanks to my love mark Salomon for inspiring me and people like me who love their products and athletes so much…

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Salomon Running Season 2011

Salomon running team had huge successions in terms of Trail Running this season. Killian Jornet won Western States 100 mile race, UTMB 2011 in August and also Mount Kinabalu Climbathon. Okumaya devam et Salomon Running Season 2011


Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12

Yes 12L… Salomon is modifying it`s great trail running and ultra running pack Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 and improving it to meet the new equipment standards of Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, TNF Australia and Fuji. Pack have became famous by Salomon`s elite athlete Killian Jornet. Okumaya devam et Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12


Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Set Test

Bu hafta sonu UTMB CCC öncesi son iki antremanımı yaparak 21 haftalık antreman serüvenime noktayı koydum. Saolsun Salomon Türkiye (CMSSpor) bana desteklerini hiç esirgemedi ve bana yarışta kullanmam için Salomon Advanced Skin S-lab Pack Set çanta, Salomon Minim Packlite Ultra Light Goretex yağmurluk ve Salomon XT Vest (Hafif yelek) vererek donanım eksiklerimi giderdi; tekrar teşekkürler. Okumaya devam et Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Set Test