Dirty Girl Gaiters

I had the privilege to test a new set of shoe gaiters during the last two weekends. First one was in a beautiful weather fro two days in Peak district. ( Beautiful ? Weather ? On the first week of February ?). Yes that is true but that is another long story that I need to write.  The second one was in Box Hill, Dorking , Surrey. Plenty of mud, rain and dirt. I guess these gaiters had enough torture where they really earned their feminine name 🙂 Dirty Girl Gaiters !

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The gaiters are very simple to use. The only important bit is to cut and stick a Velcro piece to the heel of your shoes. The package of the product comes with an iron patch, small explanation and 30cm long sticky Velcro band which is enough for more than eight different shoes. For example; I am using basically four different trail running shoes when I ran. So I used some portion of the sticky velcros for all my shoes and prepared them ready for any time usage of the gaiters.

These are Salomon XR Mission for short and city runs, Salomon FellCross for wet fells and muddy mountains, Salomon XT Wings S-Lab 5 Racing Red and Soft Ground for Races and training as well.

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The gaiters` aim is to keep the debris out of your shoes while running in mud or sand. These are designed by an ultra runner who knows the idea behind it very well. That makes the gaiter very functional. The material is soft, very comfortable and breathable. It is unisex but has different sizes for shoe size. You basically first wear it as a sock, hook the front part to the first shoe lace and secure the back by attaching it to the Velcro that you have already stick it to the shoe.

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There are various designs and colours available for these gaiters. I chose the black plain one which I like black and suits with every cloth that I have. The only negative thing that i would like Dirty Girl Gaiters should improve is the adhesive Velcro. If the terrain is very muddy, full of woods and wet this adhesive Velcro might come out due to the conditions. This happened to me during the very first and wet training. I cleaned my shoe and stick the Velcro one night before, pressed on it quite well and the second time i had no problem. But definitely should again be investigated.

Here are some “how to use” tips and tricks and videos that i have found on Internet of course by giving Reference 🙂 I really suggest Dirty Girl Gaiters as they are cheap, functional and very easy to use.

dirty-girl-gaiters (4)  Preparing the shoe

  • Your shoes must be new, or, clean and dry.  The spot where you will place the Velcro must be smooth.
  • If they are dirty, or have a groove in the heel, the strip may not adhere securely.
  • Shoes with grooved or uneven heel surfaces may need Velcro glue or epoxy glue to attach the strip.
  • Cut off about an inch and a half of the self-adhesive Velcro strip for each shoe.
  • Attach it to the back heel of the shoe.  Allow 12 to  24 hours for the strip to reach maximum adhesiveness.

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Wearing the gaiter

  • Put on your socks as usual.
  • Pull the gaiter on over the socks.
  • Put on your shoes over your socks and tie as usual.
  • Pull the gaiter over the shoe.
  • Attach the rear Velcro on the gaiter to the strip   on the back of the shoe.
  • Hook the front hook under the shoe lace on the front of the shoe.
  • Adjust the gaiter over the top of the shoe.

Gear Review video by irunfar.com

How to use these gaiters with Vibram Five Finger Shoes.

You can buy many different and attractive colors of Dirty Girl Gaiters from Ultra Marathon Running Store in the UK.

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