Dean Karnazes

Dean Karnazes is one of the most important ultra racing figures in the world. Not because of he has done incredible job in his racing career, but he inspired a lot of people to run, to start sports and move. He changed many people`s lifes including myself. I have read his famous book ” The Ultra Marathon Man” 3 years ago and started the ultra running.

Inside the Serpentine Club

Dean visited London almost 1.5 months ago. He watched Wimbledon, drink the famous Pims, and ran in the busy streets of London. As he is a sponsored athlete of The North Face brand, he is invited to book signing and conferences in the UK. My running club that i am the member of , Serpentine have also invited us to run with him for 6 miles in Hyde Park two parks course with a bunch of fans.

We first met him in the club, then we had a short chat and photo shooting session. After the fans get to gether we than jogged to Hydepark. I found chance at least 6-7 questions when i was near him during his run. 

Competitors:) Salomon vs The North Face

He is super fit with very low fat ratio. Normally he does minimum of 20-30 miles a day and also has cross trainings.

  • His pulse rate is 38.
  • He never sits during the days except of sleeping 4 hours. He even wrote his book while he was standing or works daily while his desk does not have a chair.
  • He has two kids and his wife supports him during his entire career.
  • Worked in Glaxosmithkline as a marketing director before moving his new life , running 🙂
  • He wishes to run Sparthatlon but not yet, as his origin is Greek.
  • He will start running a new project on November 2012, as he will run a marathon every country in the world, including Turkey !
  • The hardest race that he ran was Atacama desert, he is the one of the two men that have finished 4 deserts in a calender year.
  • He founds Killian a true trail runner with super skills and Marco Olmo as an incredible man.
In the Serpentine Club

I tried to inspire him about the Euroasia marathon and passing from Asia to Europe sides, i think he might do that or Runtalya. During the jog i had new friends so that i might enjoy running new ultras with them as well.

Even Stephen had an interview with me about Euroasia marathon in his Podcast.

After jog we went to the interview and i also got an authograph from Dean on his new book, 26.2 Mile Stories.

Check out his legs !

It was an incredible experience at least to be side by side jogging with him. i hope we will some day be in the same course and get his experiences more.

More about Dean on the BBC:


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