Castleberg Outdoors Race Team

I have met with Castleberg Outdoors Shop 6 months ago when i came to UK. As i am a fan of trail running products, i was looking for specific products of Salomon.

James Kenyon started helping me while i was shopping online. He backordered my Salomon FellCross S-Lab. Got it on time before i go to DASK Anatolian Mountain Marathon in Turkey where we were the only 4th teams out of 25 finished the long course. After that James also ordered my Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 pack which was one of the few that entered the UK, just before my UTMB TDS 120km epic journey, again on time.

I really appreciate their warm team, friendship, variety of products and relations with big trail running gear brands and perfect customer relations.

Few months later, they offered me to be part of their Race Team. 🙂 Which i was flattered and honoured. Yesterday i received a huge box to my office and i was surprised. Thank you team !

When i opened the box i had a lot of gear sent by Castleberg Outdoors Race Team for me to have and enjoy… I will be writing you the harcore test reviews of my gear and use them in my first ultra which is coming on December 3, Dorset Coastal Series 33 Mile.

Here is the gear details:


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