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Emre-tokWho is this?

My name is Emre Tok and I’m at the beginning of my 37th age and from Istanbul… I’ve been travelled different cities in 22 different countries. I’ve taken thousands of miles with my bike at the mountains, under the hot weather of Cyprus, on the snow of Iceland, in the undergrounds of London and on the bridges of Prague… I love seeing and smelling those countries and places, I love to touch the walls and step on the grounds of these cities.

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I am also a person who loves to step on new grounds, who is madly in love with BMW’s but uses right-hand drive 1985 Renault Fuego Turbo and have 4-5 cars which are older than 1985 and probably you haven’t even heard of the names of them, who is caught by post-graduation even if being done with MBA and also a professional Industrial Engineer who deals with internet all the time. I have prepared an interview with myself, here you are.

Hi Emre… Where did you come up with this idea of the website?

I have always wanted to build this website. It is easy manageable and I didn’t want to debar people from my observations and travels. You know, we only go around once. Why would we keep the things that in our brains or that our eyes recorded just for ourselves?

This site has been the finalist of Altin Orumcek Blog Category this year and 2006 also 3rd of 2008 blog prizes and winner of 2009. The focus point is all travel and our audience is also very special. Facebook Fan Page of the site has 2200visitors. I have been writing regularly since 2005 as having been one of the oldest and the most settled Turkish blog writers. All of the contents, articles and also photographs belong to me.

There are 600 articles and 8000 photographs. Every day, I have unique visitors changing between 600-900. 90% of my articles are about Travel and Travels Abroad Guidance. You can find my interview with Time-Out from last month.

Can you tell us about yourself? There have been a lot of questions about you…

I was born 1975 in Istanbul. I’m an industrial engineer and I have a master degree on Marketing and I have been taking my doctorate on Finance. I used to live in Istanbul on Anatolian Side but I have been living in London since 2011 and I work at Microsoft England.

I have worked on business development in telecommunication segment and nowadays I’m striving as Product and Business Associates Development Manager, I’m learning and enjoying. I have traveled nearly 22 countries and I wanna see more and this is what encourages travelers.

What are your other hobbies besides travelling?

Bicycle is already my biggest hobby but to add to that classic cars, football, reading books, travel books, old magazines and old BMW commercials collection, Fenerbahce (the football team I support), collage with the paper pieces that I collect from the places I travel, old stamps and first-day-envelope collection, music, tennis, outdoors, rafting… I used to do skating and loved Bmx bicycle using at summer holidays. I did tango for a while. Also, swimming is one of my great hobbies; I am a one-starred CMAS diver and nearly 20 diving experiences.

In recent years, I am interested in marathons and long-distance runs. I am a member of group called Adım Adım and I met this group in 2005 thanks to Renay Onur. So far, I gathered 13.000 TL with my 4 runs and buy 6 battery-operated wheelchairs to our disabled citizens. Sport is just a big part of my life; I run and ride my bike 5 times a week. I used to do little runs and ride a bike so few 5 years ago but in last 5 years, I did 4 full marathons, 2 of 80km mountain marathons and finish 5872, 120 km ultra-marathons. I became one of the 7 Turks who finished the hardest mountain marathon, Ultra Trail Mont Blanc

What were careful about preparing your website?

I just wanted a site that I could manage easily. Especially I was careful about the visuals and the simplicity for people that they would feel my sincerity. I do not upload high quality pictures since they take too long to get opened and the program that I use already resizes the photos automatically. But I wanna develop my photograph skills and I will definitely take a course for it.

You can watch the 12 min interview about geziyorum.net on Skyturk Cafenet. They are 3 min each and 4 parts. Have fun!

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